what do we provide for clients in the digital world?

Product Lifecycle Management and digital transformation consultants assist businesses in their digital transition efforts and to improve company processes. These consultants aim to increase efficiency, competitiveness, and accessibility by transitioning businesses to digital technology. In the transition process, consultants may provide some similar services to those offered by cloud consultants, mobility consultants, and IT strategy consulting. Digital consultants first work to understand a business, carefully considering its technology goals and budget. They will then suggest solutions and generally assist with the implementation of the company’s decisions. Often, a variety of digital solutions (such as accounting and finance software or database management software) will be implemented, as well as new strategies and protocols. Whether performing an online shopping feature or designing a mobile application, improving customer experience can often be a driving factor in digital transformations. Businesses interested in transitioning all or some aspects of their business to digital platforms may consider partnering with a digital transformation consulting firm.

global business experiences

  • Porsche AG
  • Daimler AG
  • Volkswagen AG
  • Porsche Engineering GmbH
  • MHP GmbH (Porsche Group)
  • ADWEN Offshore
  • Dassault Systemes (Europe, NAM)
  • Oracle Racing Team
  • Artemis Racing Team
  • Abcellera
  • DAMEN Shipyards
  • Aesculap B. Braun Melsungen AG
  • Roche AG
  • Bertrandt AG
  • Autoform GmbH
  • TUI Cruises GmbH
  • Meyer Werft GmbH
  • Abeking & Rasmussen AG
  • Kormaran GmbH
  • Mackevision GmbH (part of Accenture)
  • Ameria AG
  • Arthur Digital GmbH
  • Amberg AG
Our main business:
  • technical consulting on C-level (PLM, digitalization, worldwide projects)
  • business development international
  • sales service international
  • Insolvency consultancy (Germany)

extended services:

NAM market business development: advancedOBC helps your company to enter Canada and the USA market. Strategically, technical consulting to help members of the executive board to improve technical company processes.  advancedOBC consults companies in all matters of digital transformation.  advancedOBC allows companies to improve their customer experience.  We do implement and execute projects strategically, for instance, digital transformation, Product Lifecycle Management  Take advantage from long term experience concerning our customer value assessment methodology. Implementation of data analytics i.e., procurement, operation  Management consultancy concerning strategically, technical decision making  Consultancy on CO- level concerning critical decision making profound technical industry expertise in Marine & Offshore, Automotive and Industrial Equipment Profound expertise in CGI, VR, AR- process and pipeline design.

President & CEO: Heiko Oldendorf

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