virtual reality in-person- meeting platform (Arthur) for your global office and collaboration
Collaboration – In-person meetings – Team productivity tools

Better results

  • Arthur allows for true collaboration, the simultaneous exchange of ideas, knowledge and concerns in real-time
  • Enjoy more transparent communication and a more intuitive way to interact with information
  • Create more plans, better solutions and more in-depth strategies

Higher efficiency

  • VR meeting improves efficiency for content sharing such as presentations, documents, 3D modelling, and others.
  • Active participation, instead of checking your phone. Navigate through complex issues faster and more efficiently

Cut your meeting time shorter – with crystal clear communication

Lower cost

  • Join meetings from different locations and different devices within seconds – and focus on getting work done
  • Review your meetings in detail, with transcripts, exports and a dynamic protocol – and never forget a thing
  • Save on business travel, logistics and unnecessary errors

Green office

  • Arthur Virtual Meeting is CO2-neutral and is reducing your environmental footprint

What do you need to start?

  • just one VR devise (i.e. Oculus Quest, HTC VIVE), our Arthur software on-premise or on the cloud, LAN/WLAN/LTE
  • just send an invitation to your clients, co-workers to start with the VR meeting.


your business case for using virtual reality meetings!

CO2 offset, reducing environmental footprint and saving a considerable amount of money by using advanced technology instead of paying for business travel. We made up your business case for a mid-size company. 80/100 people have to travel by plane long-distance and a short distance; 200 go by train; 300 go by car, alternate. We did calculate your savings by just using 51% Arthur Virtual Reality meetings instead to travel: