Virtual Promoter Experience and CX Manager to track and analyze your customer data at anytime and everywhere

Customized application as point of sales, customer experience or point of information.

What to do?

  • play games
  • make photography´s use QR code of mobile devise
  • learn about things
  • get important information
  • get entertained

Where to use?

  • shopping Malls, auto Malls as point of sales
  • any kind of trade shows
  • visitor center
  • cruise ships
  • trade shows (comes with tracking apps)
  • Museum
  • adventure center
Virtual Promoter QR- Experience
Augmented Reality Experience
We provide you tailored digital customer experiences to enrich customer experience at your store (wherever it is), company head quarter, trade shows etc. Start with your own digital project. Our team will be happy working together with on your tailored digital content.

Ameria CX Manager

A clear structure

You are in control

The CX Manager® is a unique solution on the market:

    It serves as a hub for the entire content of all your PoS solutions
    It generates synergy effects
    It allows you to store data for as long as you want
    It offers standardized interfaces for pre-existing systems (SAP Hybris, Salesforce, and many more)
    It serves as a user management system
    It’s flexible and scalable
    It gives you access to all your global locations
    It ensures backups on a daily / weekly basis
    It’s DSGVO-compliant

Monitor your PoS

All content and data gets processed by the CX manager:

    This ecosystem allows you to control all your systems
    It comes with easy navigation (via web interface)
    It ensures that global software rollouts only require one click
    It makes switching between different software versions easy
    It facilitates the central management of your entire digital PoS data
    It allows the implementation of dynamic application content
    You don’t need any programming skills to make configuration changes in real-time

Keep track

The CX Manager® serves as a support platform and, therefore, comes with a variety of functions:

    It serves as a global support platform
    It helps to avoid or minimize disruptions via predictive maintenance
    It offers real-time monitoring
    It allows the live-configuration of PoS systems
    It allows updates to run in the background
    It reports errors automatically